MSE Project Management

MSE’s Project Management team has a proven record of meeting and exceeding the most challenging schedules, while delivering professionalism and quality beyond any other steel service provider. Our talented team of Project Managers, Engineers and Site Coordinators pride themselves in delivering structural and miscellaneous steel, on time and on budget. Whatever the schedule; MSE can make it happen!


Our Fabrication capabilities include:
• Standard commercial structural steel
• Heavy industrial steel
• Heavy plate work (box beams) sub arc welding
• Large span trusses (box, tapered and curved parabolic)
• Conveyor frames
• Components for drilling equipment
• Custom miscellaneous projects (we don’t back down from unique projects)


Our design-build capabilities are fundamental to MSE as Steel Solution Providers and can be practiced among all ten Canadian provinces and three territories. Our designs will include the most economical combinations of the following products, including consideration for price variance pending on geographical locations. We can also participate in design partnership teams to work with other site contractors. These partnerships can aid in the production of a custom-made product with benefits including a quality product, cost-effectiveness and fast delivery.

Our experience, knowledge and professionalism all make MSE the first choice as a Steel Solution Provider, and we are confident our past clients will agree.