MSE Financial

Since its inception, MSE has had the drive to continually grow and improve all aspects of the business. Our incremental and planned growth would not have been possible without the strong relationship we have with our financial partners, such as our bank and our bonding company. We have a solid credit rating, and our suppliers are treated with respect, paid in a timely fashion, and viewed as an integral part of our team. We view our suppliers as an extension of ourselves, and know that we are 100% responsible for the final product to our customers. These practices have helped us build a solid reputation over the years.

Procedures and processes have been implemented in all aspects of the business, and are continually being monitored. We believe the upfront cost of well-designed controls has immediate payback through minimized risks and mistakes, translating into customer service and satisfaction.

MSE values the financial planning aspect of our business. We are excited to build and grow off the solid foundation we have established.

For more information, please contact:

Kirk Mackinnon, CA
Chief Financial Officer